The Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control with your C

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By Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA

1、Show your child that you are the one in control of the items he wants to hold or play with and that you will decide when he can have them.

2、Show your child that you are fun. Make each interaction you have with him an enjoyable experience so that he will want to follow your directions to earn more time sharing experiences with you.

3.、Shou your child that you can be trusted. Always say you’re your mean and what mean you say. say your child should do something, don’t allow him access to reinforcement until it has been acceptably

completed. This includes prompting him to completion if necessary.

4、Show your child that following your directions is to his benefit and the best way for him to obtain what he wants. Give your child easy directions as often as possible and then reinforce his decisions to participate by following them with good  experiences.

5、 In the early stages of earning instructional control with your child reinforce after each positive response moving to an ever increasing variable ratio of einforcement.

6. Demonstrate that you know your child’s priorities as well as your own.

7、Show your child that ignoring your instructions and choosing inappropriate behavior will not result in the acquisition of reinforcement.









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